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10 Jay Street, Tenafly, NJ

551-235-0013 or info@jumpingfrogstudios.com

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Private Sessions

Private sessions are the most popular choice among our clients.  The private session is designed specific to your body goals, strengths, weaknesses or injuries.  


A private session may incorporate all pieces of apparatus or it may drive deep into the system of only one piece.  


A beginner is recommended to take at least 3 private sessions before joining a semi-private session unless you are partnered with a friend who is also a beginner.  

Semi-Private Sessions

Semi-Private sessions are ideal for those who are motivated by working with others, enjoy a more social experience and want to save money.  A semi-private is at least 2 people and no more than 3.  


Many clients choose to do one private session a week and supplement with one or two semi-private sessions.  

30-Minute Body Boosts

In 30 Minutes you can do a lot of good.  Boost your schedule by adding a 30 Minute Arm, Booty or Cardio class to your regimen.  Either boost your private session, or your tower class.  Boosts are available for online registration by clicking here

Small Group Programming

Limited to 8-10 people, our small groups allow teacher to focus on each individual, correct form and challenge the abilities of each individual.  We care to keep our clients safe and challenged rather than packing in as many people as we can to each class.  When it comes to fitness, sometimes quality does trump quantity.  


Check out our schedule and register online by clicking here.